The Moluccas

The Moluccas
Ambon City Tour

Ambon city tour

Upon arrival at Ambon meeting service then directly transfer to you hotel in Latuhalat area. Today you are free on your own and since your hotel directly face the sea
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Cooking Class in Saparua The Moluccas

Cooking class in Saparua the Moluccas

You could take an extra cooking class in Saparua, when you travel to Saparua island about two hours by fast boat from Ambon Island. You will visit local house, where the local woman will invite you to make a sagoo cookie. This is an important cookie for the people in the whole island of The
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Manusela NP Expedition

Expedition to Manusela Rainforest

Manusela National Park is located in Seram island and it has an area of 1890 km2 consist of coastal forest, swamp forest, lowland and montane rainforest ecosystem types. The highest mountain at the park is Mount Binaiya at 3027 metres. Preparation of this expedition into the Manusela National Park will take place in Sawae village
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Fortress of the North Ternate & Tidore

Fortress of the North: Ternate and Tidore islands

Ternate and Tidore were rivals in the past, and became world famous during the 15th century as the only source of clove which was a high consumer commodity specially in Europe. During this tour you will visit several famous fortresses established by the Portuguese, Spaniards and the Dutch dated back tot he 15th and 16th
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Fortress of the South Saparua & Banda island

Fortress of the South: Saparua & Banda island

Saparua is a small island in the chain of Nusa-Ina islands, it’s famousity because of the Fort Duurstede. If you are a fortress lover than you can combine the visit to Banda island, which also offers a lot of fortresses such as Fort Belgica, Fort Hollandia and Fort Nassau. Visiting the fortresses on your own
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Guraici Islands Jewel of the Moluccas

Guraici Islands: Jewel of the Moluccas

Guraici Island is a part of the exotic archipelago about 6 hours journey using local public boat from Ternate island. It offers one of the finest white sandy beaches, crystal clear seawater, a perfect spot to escape your daily routine. Matahari Travels offers you a 6 day-trip to this amazing island.
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Island of the Moluccas

Islands of the Moluccas

Located between Sulawesi island and Papua island, lies hundreds of small islands collectively called the Moluccas. As a famous source of exotic spices, triggered European sailors to explore centuries ago. During this tour you will taste the Moluccas as the explorers did in the past.
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