Orang Oetan (actually it means ‘man of the forest’) originally come from the jungle of Sumatra and Kalimantan.
The best spot to meet them is in the jungle of Pangkalan Bun in central Kalimantan. You will travel by private boat along the river of the jungle and you probably will see salt-water crocodile, proboscis monkeys and a variety of tropical birds.
Matahari Travels will be pleased to arrange this extraordinary journey for you.

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LocationTanjung Harapan
Duration4 days / 3 nights


After you arrive at the airport in Pangkalan Bun you will be picked by your guide, then travel overland to Kumai, travel approximately 20 minutes, after arriving in Kumai, where is your boat/klotok wait,

Starting the trip, while you eat lunch on the boat trip on the move towards a river which the locals called Sekonyer river, along the river we will find palm trees and we see monkeys, proboscis monkeys, birds were playing on the edge river and what if we are lucky to see the crocodiles on the riverbank.

After traveling approximately one hour we will arrive in a village with the name TanjungHarapan here there is forest and police checkpoints we report. At this location when we arrive before the hours of 03.00PM then we will travel into the forest to walk to see wild orangutans feeding on a platform that was provided.

Finished here go back to the boat, then traveled down the river in the afternoon and will be a lot of us meet the animals were playing in the river, after it was getting dark. we provide dinner by candlelight will create an atmosphere for dinner by the river you become beautiful, and then spend the night, we provide mattresses, pillows and mosquito nets.



In the morning, after you wake up from sleeping on the boat which was alongside a river surrounded by tropical forests will be many voices of birds and forest animals who shouted and this will be your experience is not forgotten, what more for those of you who used to live in the city, then you will find a natural life that makes your soul happy.

On this morning we provide a warm drink and breakfast for you, the boat will then proceed to Pandok Tanggui, after arriving and boat mooring here we will go to the orangutan feeding site, entered the forest by walking about 20 minutes. We will see orangutans that came from the forest to a stage provided for feeding.

Finished here go back to the boat, then continue with a boat trip down the river to Camp Leakey. After arriving at Camp Leakey around 12 noon, lunch break, at 02.00PM we enter the forest to do trekking, here we also see orangutans feeding on a stage that has been provided. Once finished here go back to the boat, overnight on the boat, Camp Leakey area around the lake.



In the morning again will you feel, atmosphere and beautiful sunny morning on the riverbank in the area of ​​Camp Leakey, the sounds of birds and forest animals who shouted in the morning. After waking up you will be served breakfast in the morning, while looking at the scenery around the boat you see edge of the river in a beautiful tropical forest.

Trekking trip is done according to your ability to walk in the forest. If we would trace this journey will travel in the forest around 17km. (have to fit with your abilities). if you’re satisfied then we go back to the boat and lunch.

When finished go back to see orangutans in the area around Camp Leakey. Hours 03.00PM come back to the boat, the boat will then head back downstream, toward the location of palm trees, along the way at this afternoon you will again see many monkeys, proboscis monkeys, birds along the river that we’ve been through.

After it was getting dark we are mooring in between palm trees you will see the animals that is flying fireflies flickering among the trees and beautiful to look at while enjoying your dinner and overnight stay here.



After waking up and breakfast, relax for a moment to adjust your scheduled departure for the airport. After completion of rest, the boat will return to Kumai, then you will return to the airport we transfer to your flight to get to your next destination. (B)

Meet the Orangoetang of Kalimantan
Meet the Orangoetang of Kalimantan 1
Meet the Orangoetang of Kalimantan 2
Meet the Orangoetang of Kalimantan 3
Meet the Orangoetang of Kalimantan 4
Meet the Orangoetang of Kalimantan 5

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